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Founded by Melanie Dir, GAMINE is a New York City bred beauty house that fuses French refinement with urban character. An output of curated strategic capsules that tap into fragrance and elements to hype the ambiance. All formulas are crafted worldwide using the finest manufacturers and master ‘noses’.

Built with a disciplined creative team, GAMINE collaborates with two visionary OG’s: French Master Perfumer Claude Dir and Frenel Morris. 












Melanie Dir (Dear) FOUNDER

Born in Cannes France, Melanie came to the states with her parents at the age of five weeks. She spent the first three years of life nestled away in a crib her father had built in his perfume laboratory, a true scented environment. Surrounded by glass bottles of endless raw materials, unconsciously knowing at the time and before she could even say her first word, her brain naturally programmed scents in a way that she is able to translate them today.  

Melanie is a graduate of NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. A creative visionaire with 20+ years of expertise in product innovation: color cosmetics, fragrance, toiletries, haircare and home ambiance.  Having worked for the beauty industries leading global companies and boutique niche brands, Melanie has a very well balanced creative eye with a natural sensibility for attention to detail. An avant-garde thinker with strong cultural awareness in forecasting trends complimented with a passion for beauty, fashion and photography.  

She lives a mobile lifestyle traveling between Brooklyn and Paris.











French Master Perfumer Claude Dir

A classic French nose with 40 years of expertise. In June 2016, Claude was recognized with the Global Lifetime Achievement Award for Master Perfumer. Claude’s inherit passion and sensibility to the world of perfume is second nature, allowing him to tap into over 8,000 self memorized notes.  

Some of his prior collaborations include: Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Bobbi Brown, Bond No.9, Elizabeth Taylor, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Pitbull and Kim Kardashian.












Co-Founder Frenel Morris

New York Native with 20+ years of creative experience in print publishing, branding / identity and photography.  

His first ventures involved launching NYC lifestyle magazines: Trace, Frank and Complex. He is the founder of Still Life, a high-end line of bespoke custom hats. His influence in the GAMINE branding and identity is very pronounced as he continues to collaborate with founder Melanie Dir on a daily basis.